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About Coaching

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a form of learning that allows you to move forward. It is about learning tools for life that will enable you to get out of any rut. Together we focus on the future and how you want to shape it. I approach all my coaching guided by the individual. Some clients come to me with specific goals in mind, others start with more of a concept of what they want to focus on, and we align that focus together. Coaching often includes reaching a goal, solving problems, or enabling learning and change.  Clients often notice improvements in relationships, job satisfaction, teamwork and general life quality.

Coaching takes the form of a series of conversations and can be one to one or part of a wider group. Coaching works on benefiting the client in a way that relates to their own objectives. It involves leaning into your edges and challenging lifelong assumptions and narratives.

In the words of  Eric Schmidt, Chairman of Alphabet and former CEO of Google,Everybody needs a coach”.