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About Consulting​

My background and what I can do for you and your business.

With twenty years experience within growing creative businesses, I have built an extensive knowledge of back office procedures that are essential to have in place for sustained growth.  I know the value of businesses having the solid foundations it needs to grow. I also acknowledge the costs back office brings. These are often costs difficult to budget for in a  business, as they differ dramatically depending on what is happening at any given time. I saw it time and time again while working and supporting growing brands. That’s where I come in, I work on either a day rate or project basis with fees agreed upfront so you know what to expect. It gives you the added benefit of someone with diverse experience without the commitment. I am used to working across a broad range of areas so I have a wealth of knowledge I can draw from. I am also well connected, used to working with other consultants and specialists on projects. I am not afraid of a challenge and believe that any problem can be solved.

With experience in managing teams as well as individuals. I can help connect teams with vision and purpose, helping define company culture and values. Encouraging buy in and getting the team pulling in the right direction. Helping structure and finding where you need to invest your resources in order to maximise your teams impact on your business. After all businesses are built by people.

I have experience working within creative businesses across multiple areas including business organisational development, HR, operating procedure, finance and special projects. 

In addition I am a certified coach which gives your business the added benefit of specific coaching for either individuals, senior team or group coaching across the business. Coaching is an incredible tool to utilise for growing businesses, and I have had the pleasure of seeing the results first hand. 

I aim to add the resources you need with the flexibility that I know is essential for small to mid sized growing businesses.

Services include:-

  • Operations management across your business, identifying key areas of support needed

  • Project management and support

  • Creation and implementation of bespoke systems from the ground up, personalised to your business

  • Legal support, contract management, identifying exposure, litigation management

  • Extensive HR knowledge, templates to ensure your business is operating within best practice

  • Coaching for individuals and teams specific to the areas of development needed.