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Beginning coaching with Claire was the best decision I have made - personally and professionally. It is something I had never done before or to be honest, thought about. Having had these sessions with Claire I couldn’t recommend it more.

Claire listened to me and took onboard everything we discussed, she tailored our sessions to meet my needs. Claire really, without me realising, helped me look at situations with a new perspective and a new attitude. I feel I have grown in ways I would not have imagined in this space of time and I am profoundly grateful for this.

It challenged me in such a positive way, and I learnt so much. I now use the tools Claire has given me and I know I can face new challenges and can believe in myself and achieve success.
Claire, Buyer, Dublin

Claire has worked with me through an exceedingly difficult time and was a reassuring ear when I was at my lowest. She listened, helped me to make sense of my very confusing thoughts and guided me into new, unexplored areas which helped me on the way to find out more about what I really want in life.

What I like about Claire is that she is a purposeful listener. Her background in HR was also extremely helpful for me when leaving my old role, giving me perspective and reassurance.

Annika, Fashion PR, London
I started the process of life coaching not necessarily knowing what to expect. My sessions with Claire challenged me in a way that has allowed me to learn more about myself and to confront certain mindsets that where affecting my daily life, that previously I was oblivious to.

In addition to figuring out what it is that I need and want to work on, our conversations are helping me grow and become a better, stronger version of myself.

Claire’s guidance and coaching throughout this have been of tremendous support for which I am extremely grateful.
Chloe, Journalist, London
In the several months of coaching I had with Claire I was able to make major decisions affecting my career. Claire is supportive, empathetic, and made me feel at ease discussing my career and the possibilities within it and outside of it.

She has given me a clear understanding of my values and their integral role in my work and everyday life. I look forward to the future with a new sense of confidence and clarity. Thank you, Claire!
Katy, Lawyer, London

Having previously tried coaching and found it ineffective, the difference with Claire is that she listens for what you are looking for rather than what you say you want.

I find her approach to be considered, hard-working and gently challenging. As a result of our time together, I feel I am making positive changes in my life in ways I had not previously given consideration to.

I find her positive and likeable person which has greatly added to my experience of the process.

Clare, London

I am not going to lie I was quite sceptical of the coaching process. I needn't of been. Claire instantly put me at ease, and I was surprised how open I was able to be with her.

Claire worked the session around my personal needs and was flexible to me turning up and wanting to discuss something specific that had come up in the week. I got such value from having an open place to discuss what had been previously going around in my head for years with no resolution.

Off the back of this I have made some major changes which have resulted in a new job and a move. I have found the process cathartic and that is thanks to Claire's expertise. I cannot recommend highly enough!

Michael, Consultant, Manchester