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About Me

So here is the bit about me, not a professional summary (which has its place) but something about who I am and what I stand for. Ultimately, successful coaching is a partnership, with both sides needing to be open about where they are from, what that means and what they want to achieve.

Firstly, I consider myself to be a people person. From early on people – their thoughts, opinions, attitudes and issues – intrigued me. I was talkative and happy to strike up conversation with anyone. At every stage I was helped by my parents who instilled some strong core values in me, values I still hold dear today.  

Next up was the University of York for my BA in History of Art and then Manchester for my MSc in International Fashion Marketing. I then landed in London, where I have been for almost twenty years engaged in various roles in the fashion industry, from production to HR.

So what brought me to coaching?

In short becoming a mum changed me, not just the practical realities of having children but it made me re-think what I wanted. What were my priorities? What mattered to me? Initially, I thought I had to prove to myself, to my company, to the world, that I could have it all and could be everything to everyone. I went back to work after my first child and pulled out all the stops to show that not only had nothing changed; that having children had enhanced not hindered my ability to perform at work. I was trapped in what I now understand was a false set of assumptions, fears and insecurities for a further three and a half years. It was only after the birth of my second child that I stood back, realised how unsatisfied I was and recognised that something fundamental had to change. I wanted to be able to find balance between my family and professional life. I had some non-negotiable’s that I wanted to adapt my life around. I also wanted to be able to affect positive change in the world around me. After taking time to reflect on my career, I realised I derived the most reward from playing a part in mentoring my teams and aiding them in their professional and personal growth; helping them to excel beyond even their expectations.

I have personally had coaching (and still do – I do not believe you can ever stop evolving or self-reflecting) and I have seen first-hand how integral it has been to my own growth. So, with that burst of self-awareness (and a healthy dose of fear) I decided to take my existing skill set and re-train. I now divide my time across a select number of consultancy clients and coaching. This way I can focus my energy and invest it directly into my clients.

I am thankful every day for my children as they have made me better in so many ways, and really it is thanks to them that I have followed my calling. They make me want to be more patient, understanding, less self-involved and play my part in the wider world. They also have made me realise that you need to do what you love, and work does not need to feel like work (or at least a grind).

What motivates me?

The very nature of my work, being able to unlock a client’s potential. I enjoy opening the door for you to see that not only do you hold the answers, but you can achieve whatever you genuinely want. I believe in my clients and their ability to grow and develop. Your journey is my reward. That is where my background comes in. I was good at spotting talent in a highly competitive environment but often, after a certain point, talent is not enough. It got me thinking, when life happens, obstacles arise and you begin thinking that “it’s too difficult”, “I’m too old”, “I don’t know how”, “I don’t have the confidence” – where do you turn? In these situations, left alone we stop striving for what we want, burying it as something to come back to later. What is needed to flourish is support, training and someone to talk to or bounce ideas off.  We are happy to invest in our body by joining a gym. Well, coaching to me is investing in our wellbeing, mind, and future. There is nothing that is more motivating to me than the realisation of a client that they can achieve whatever they put their mind to, and that I have helped them on that journey.

Who am I and what will you get?

You will get someone who is 100% invested in you and will be there for you through the ups and the downs. I am not just a keen listener, I can read between the lines and I understand the undertones or nuances that are so often missed. Never underestimate the power of someone listening solely to you, someone who is solely invested in your outcome and how you can make it happen. I sincerely believe that no one should be afraid of investing in themselves and I will support you through every step. I understand that time, yours and mine, is precious. Time wasted is time we cannot get back. For me, it is all about your outcome and how we can get there.

Personally, I am creative with a particular interest in art and architecture. I paint. I love learning (as the stack of books by my bed, can attest). I believe in thank you notes and connecting with people. I make a mean frozen margarita and if you are on my team, I will always have your back!